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Farm Packers: 

The simplicity and ease of operation are paramount in consistent gentle handling of your eggs from barn to processor, which equals higher profits and a better product. 

Our rebuilding process begins with complete disassembly, cleaning sandblasting and re-powder coating. Worn components are either repaired or replaced including bearings, gearboxes, motors, fasteners, chains and plastic parts. Clutches are rebuilt to factory specifications and improvements made. 

New wiring plus state of the art sealed beam sensors with water resistant cables and connectors increase reliability. New PLC controls and DC motor controllers round out the electrical upgrade. We custom build your packer to locate the control panel near the operator for effortless functionality and efficiency. 

All our packers are shop tested to gently handle eggs and consistently supply packaging material.

Farm Packer Updates: 

We supply updates for older Diamond farm packers. Our most requested updates include:

 - PLC controls with sealed beam sensors to eliminate the light bulb and photo cell systems. 

 - End aligner update which provides gentler handling and better points down accuracy. 

- Aligner roller upgrade eliminates the dividers in the head area for increased visibility. 

Egg Graders: 

Boulter Machine has had over 25 years' experience in installation and rebuilding of Diamond Egg Grading equipment.  Like our farm packers, these systems are rebuilt from the ground up to factory specifications. As a result, we can supply a rebuilt machine at a fraction of the cost, but with all the functionality and longevity of a new machine. 


We keep an extensive line of farm packer and grader parts on hand. Our large in stock inventory means we can get parts to you quickly, reducing down time. Call or email with your requirements. Check out our resources page for common parts and troubleshooting information. 



We Service farm packers and egg grading systems. We make regular service visits throughout British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan to other provinces and territories upon request.  We also do service calls on our packers and equipment sold outside of Canada. Please contact us to schedule a service appointment.

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Technical support is available by phone Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm PST. Or e-mail us at 

We also consult on egg collecting room design and egg processing equipment configurations. Please contact us with your questions.

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Re-manufacturer Diamond Farm Packer

Re-Manufactured Diamond Farm Packer

Re-Manufactured Diamond Farm Packer

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